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Why us?

Our whole approach to the aesthetic medicine is to provide primarily safe procedures. All procedures are personalised and bespoke to you. Treatments are designed to subtlety and naturally enhance or improve. For 10 years we have avoided the classic frozen, startled or the over done look.

A satisfying comment from our patients would be that they have been told that they look well or fresh.

We offer a FREE one-to-one, no obligation, no push consultation where we listen to you, assess your needs, and discuss potential treatments. We are always honest with our patients tailoring each treatment to their exact needs and also budget. Each treatment will be discussed, any side effects (there can be some), and any down time. If there is something we cannot achieve for you we have the experience to advise you on what may be possible and guide you to a reputable provider.

The products I have always used due to their superior safety standards and results are:

Botulinum Toxin type A injections (commonly know as Botox®):

Allergan – Botox®, and Vistabel®
Ipsen – Dysport®

Dermal Fillers:
Allergan – Juvederm range including Juvederm Ultra range, Voluma™, Volbellar™, Volift™ and Juvederm Hydrate™.
Galderma and Restylane: (the complete range), Sub-Q.
RegenPRP Cellular Matrix™: Hyalutonic Acid filler + Platelet Rich Plasma

Skin rejuvenation, revitalisation and re-surfacing:

Genuine Dermaroller™.
Juvederm Hydrate™.
Restylane® Vital.
RegenPRP: Platelet Rich Plasma.