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The Ageing Process

The ageing process is inevitable , it is slow relentless and irreversible, so what can we do to help it? Well quite a lot actually. We can not change the fact that as we age we have a loss of collagen and elastin, fat loss and the loss of bone density from our face so what can we do and when should be doing it?


If you are not already in a good regime of cleansing and toning morning and night then now is the time to start. A good quality gentle cleanser and toner will freshen and brighten your skin without striping it of any moisture. If acne is a problem then looking for specific acne ranges that contain salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide with help destroy the bacteria deep in side your skin causing the acne. Don’t be tempted to use facial wipes they are too harsh on your skin stripping your skin of natural oils. Prevention is always better than a cure so now is the time to use a daily SPF on your skin winter and summer. The ageing rays, UVB , can penetrate windows and heavy cloud so using it all year round is the best protection to can give your skin.


In our 30’s we can expect to see fat loss from under our eyes resulting in dark shadows. These shadows can make us look older and more tired. Invest in a good quality eye cream and be careful on application so as not to drag the eye and course more damage to this delicate area. SPF daily is a must and now is a good time to introduce a high quality Vitamin C serum into your regime. A natural anti-oxidant that will enhance your protection against the sun but also help stimulate collagen production which in now starting to fall. The first signs of crows feet or frown lines can be treated lightly with botox in order to prevent these wrinkles form worsening at a quicker rate. Think about how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting your skin, this is the time to make changes to your diet to promote skin health.


Nasolabial lines may now becoming more pronounced as increasing fat loss in the face occurs. Further loss of collagen and elastin production means the skin can lose plumpness and appear more dull. Fine lines may appear around the lip area. Consider skin rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peels, demaroller or PRP to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Regular botox can be used to reduce wrinkles and dermal fillers can be used in the mid face and deeper lines giving a very natural look. Your skin may be lacking in moisture so a good quality moisturiser used day and night is essential. You may be noticing an increase in pigmentation which can be treated with the use of the Obagi Nu Derm system.

50 – 60’s

Loss of volume within our cheeks and midface will become more pronounced. Thinner skin, gravity and the pull of muscles will cause general drooping and sagging of the skin to the face and neck. Nasolabial and marionette lines substantially deepen and become more obvious. Fine lines will become deeper and more pronounced. For ladies menopausal affects will accentuate the affects. You may find that your lips start to thin and vertical lines from them are more pronounced.

Continue with skin rejuvenation treatments (such as Dermaroller, PRP and Peels) to promote collagen and elastin production. Pigmentation and melesma can be successfully treated with the use of the Obagi Nu derm system.Regular botox to the face and the neck can be used to reduce wrinkles. Combination of dermal fillers in the mid face (8 point lift) and around fine and deeper lines to the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips and lines around the mouth.