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Fat Dissolving / Fat Intralipotherapy

What is it?

Fat lipoysis is a method of removing fat deposits from the body. A non surgical alternative to liposuction our treatments use the newest body fat dissolving formulas available instead of Aqualyx®. The second generation of fat dissolvers are designed to treat and reduce localised pockets of fat giving permanent results. FDA approved these treatments offer a safe and effective way to eliminate localised pockets of fat.

Both DesoBody® or DesoFace® (typically for larger areas) and Celluform® or Celluform Plus® (for smaller and more localised areas) offer the newest most effective and long term effects with minimal downtime.

• Newest, most effective fat dissolving injection available
• Reduces stubborn fat pockets
• Quick, comfortable with minimal down time, using a blunt cannula. Treatment take around 30 minutes
• FDA licensed
• Permanent results, although further significant weight gain is not advisable

What can I expect?

Following an initial consultation and assessment a treatment plan will formulated. This can change over time according to the response to treatment. The area to be treated is cleaned with a surgical cleaner. the area is marked and then the treatment is delivered either by a fine needle or a cannula, which is a soft hollow tube. The injections sting but are in the main tolerable.

The treated area can bruise and it usually swells for a couple of days. It can be mild tender for a week or two, but most people can continue their normal life and activities.

What areas can you treat?

The following areas can be successfully treated:
Upper arms (bingo wings)
Back and Bra fat
Flanks (love handles )
Double chin

When will I see results?

The result do take some time and can depend on how much tissue needs to be treated. Averagely after 2 – 3 treatments a difference should be noticeable.

How much does it cost?

A £50 charge is required for the initial assessment and consultation. Paid after booking the appointment.

Prices will vary according to the size and area treated and product required. As a guide each treatment costs around £250- £350 with 2-6 treatments required.

A more accurate price will be given at each consultation.

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