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Sebaceous Cyst Removal in Norwich

All our sebaceous cyst removal surgery is carried out by Dr Sean Holt, who has been safely performing these procedures for many years within the NHS.

What is a sebaceous cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are non cancerous cysts of the skin that may contain a collection of fluid called sebum. They are commonly found on the face neck and torso and can be uncomfortable if left.

After the procedure?

After the procedure you will be given instructions. Generally the wound will need to be covered by a dressings for a few days and the wound kept reasonable dry. Sutures tend to be removed in 5 -14 days depending on the site of the body.


The first cyst removal will cost £800 and then further cysts will be charge £150 extra per cyst.
Usually 3 cysts in 1 session is enough for the patient.
The price will include follow up appointments if these are needed, ie for removal of sutures