IV Athlete/Sport Drip

Powering you to peak performance.

Your benefits

• Enhances Performance
• Boosts Energy Levels
• Improves Recovery


IV therapy can provide sustainable energy lifts that avoid the precipitous crashes caused by energy drinks, giving you a boost to your peak performance.

Packed with high concentrations of the energy-boosting B vitamins, plus powerful amino acids including taurine, glutamine and carnitine, the athletic drip is a popular choice for enhancing performance and improving recovery times.

What’s in the bag?

• Vitamin C
• Vitamin B-12 (Hydroxycobalamin)
• Vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol)
• Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
• B Complex
• Magnesium Sulphate
• Calcium Gluconate
• Arginine
• Carnitine
• Glutamine
• Taurine

Why would this benefit me?

• Vitamin C

Every cell and tissue needs this antioxidant nutrient for healthy growth, development and repair. It is involved in many body functions, including: Skin, wound healing, blood flow, lowering cholesterol protecting against harmful effects of stress.

• The B Vitamins: B12, B5, B6 and B Complex

Help convert food into energy, involved in cell metabolism, promote cell growth, form red blood cells, enhance the immune system, maintain healthy skin and muscle tone.

• Magnesium Sulphate

Essential for healthy bones, teeth, heart tissue and brain. Critical for energy production at the cellular level.

• Calcium Gluconate

Is especially essential for athletes who are more likely to lose calcium. Calcium is important for strong bones and muscle contraction. Reduced levels of calcium can result in muscle cramps.

The Amino acids – the building blocks of Protein

• Arginine

Performs many vital functions, it has significant effect on the regulation and tone of the blood vessels.
Improves: Cardiovascular health, immune system, insulin resistance, collagen production and excess fat burning.

• Carnitine

Exercise and training can lead to a deficiency. It performs many essential functions, including energy metabolism.

Improves: The immune system, fat burning and supports the heart.

• Glutamine

The demand increases in physical and mental stress and the production slows down with age.
This amino acid is integral to a whole host of systems in the body.
Involved in the immune system, antioxidant production and a major component of muscle tissue and metabolism, therefore an important aid to recuperation.

• Taurine – Perform better and recover faster

One of its many benefits are supporting improved endurance and performance in both aerobic and anaerobic systems sports.

Taurine can increase total fat oxidation, improving fat burning thereby improving performance and time to exhaustion via better fat burning. It also help fast-twitch muscle peak force by supporting contractile properties and countering fatigue.

How much does it cost?

1 Infusion costs £190
We recommend a course of 6 treatments over a 2 month period.
Offer: Have 5 treatments get the final 6th one half price.